Man of the Year - 5769/2009

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Publicistic program

(2010, channel “Stolitsa”, "Israel+", "NTV - Mir")   

The program is about the solemn occasion of awarding the annual reward of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia ‘Man of the Year 5769” which took place December 20 in the State Kremlin Palace.

The executive director of the television company “AB-TV”, producer Yakov Kaller was rewarded in the nomination “Television” for the film “Kiselev’s List” which is about the heroic deed of the partisan commanding officer Nikolay Kiselev who in 1942 managed to withdraw from the area occupied by the Germans in Belorussia more than 200 Jewish people and thus he saved their lives. Yakov Kaller said that this film was the most difficult one he had ever made in his life.

“But I am grateful to our Lord that he gave me a chance to meet the participants of those events”, he said. Yakov Kaller hopes that the application drafted by him and  the FJCR (Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia) to the leaders of Russia and the authorities of Moscow to reward N.Kiselev already after his death and thus perpetuate his name would be accepted.

The chief rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar, the president of the FJCR Alexander Boroda, well-known public and political figures, famous actors and creative teams of Russia took part in this ceremony.

The reward of the FJCR “Man of the Year” was introduced in 2002. It is awarded to people whose activities are a real contribution to developing cultural and public life of this country independently of their religion and nationality.

Running time - 52 min

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