A burning engine in place of the heart

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(2008. the film is made with the participation of the Executive board of the association “Aircraft engineering union” and enterprises, members of this association)

(2008, channel “Stolitsa”, 2009, channel “Zvezda”)

This film is about the history of Russian aircraft engine building, about famous scientists, designers and organizers of aircraft building plants.

Today in the world only four countries – the UK, France, the USA, Russia – have necessary scientific and technological potential which allows them to design and build on their own this high-tech equipment – aircraft engines for planes of every type and sort.

The following persons took part in this film:

G.Novozhilov, chief designer of the Ilyushin Engine Design Bureau

G.Grigiryan, director of State polytechnic museum

A.Sarkisov, chief designer of “Saturn” OJSC named after A.M.Lyulka (NPO Saturn)

Alexander Inozemtsev, chief designer of  “Aviation engine” OJSC

Viktor Tchuiko, president of the International Association “Aircraft engineering union” (AAEU)

·          Screenplay by Andrew Gavrilov

·          Directed by Vazgen Chatinyan

·          Produced by Yakov Kaller


Running time 26 min  


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