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(2008-2009-2010, TV channels “Rossiya” “NTV – Mir”, “Doveriye”, “Israel+” “Zvezda” “Stolitsa”)

By miracle saved from the brutality of the Nazi troops 270 citizens of the Jewish village of Dolginovo in 1942 remained on the territory occupied by the German army. Russian partisan Nikolay Kiselev saved 218 lives. Covering thousands of kilometers he helped them cross the front line. His deed was valued by the Israel government and they imposed upon him the title of the Holy man of all nations. His name is written on the Honour Wall in the Garden of Holy Men of the memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

·         Screenplay by Oksana Shaparova

·         Director-producer - Yuri Malyugin

·         Director of photography - Sergey Starikov

·         Produced by Yakov Kaller


Running time - 52 min

The premiere was May 27 in the White Hall of the Cinematography House (Dom Kino) in Moscow.

At the IV International tele-radio festival “We have won together” the film “Kiselev’s List” took the first place in the nomination “Along the partisans’ paths (the Ukraine, Sevastopol, May 2008).

At the XII International festival of TV programs and films “Zolotoi Buben” (Golden Tambourine) (Khanty—Mansyisk, September 2008) the documentary “Kiselev’s List” won two prizes: the Grand Prize and a special prize of the students’ jury.

The film was awarded a special prize of the judges of the International festival “Law and society” and the diploma in the nomination “The Journalists’ investigation” at the III festival of anti-terror films and radio programs “TV – Radio – Anti-terror” (Moscow, September 2008).

At XI Eurasian tele-forum the film “Kiselev’s List” got two rewards: the diploma of the winner in the nomination “Hero of this and the last centuries” and a special prize of the Russian Journalists’ Union.

At the V International festival of war-patriotic films named after S.F.Bondarchuk “Volokolamsk front line” the film was awarded a diploma and a special prize of the jury “For recreating the image of a man of patriotism and mercy”.

At XV Minsk international film festival “Kiselev’s List” got Grand Prize “The best documentary”.

At XIV International festivals of films about human rights “Stalker” the film “Kiselev’s List” got two prizes “For the time not lost” and the prize named after Anatoly Pristavkin.

At XV Minsk international film festival “Kiselev’s List” got the diploma in the nomination “The best documentary”.

At V International catholic festival of Christian films and TV programs «МAGNIFIKAT-2009» it got the special prize of the Polish festival «Niepokolianow» - «For the new level of historic truth in the reflection of the events of World War II”.

“Kiselev’s List” won the main prize at the International tele-cinematographic forum in Yalta.

The documentary “Kiselev’s List” got the prize of the jury of the II festival of Russian documentaries in New York. And the prize “Georgy Zhukov” in the nomination “For the theme devoted to 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War”.

In Orenburg at the III Eurasian TV competition of programs devoted to social problems and films for youth ‘I am a Man” the film “Kiselev’s List” got two prizes – the diploma of the winner, 1st degree and the prize in the nomination “Documentary film/program” and a special prize of the Executive committee of the competition.

The documentary “Kiselev’s List”is awarded the diploma “For the best camera work” (camera man Sergey Starikov) at the X International Sichuan film festival in Chengdu (China). The festival has been held since 1991 and is one of the leading and prestigious international film and TV festivals in Asia and also a main channel of import and export of TV and cinematographic products.


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