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Documentary, 2008

(The film is made to order of the authorities of Moscow, the external economic and international links department of Moscow)

In ancient times they said that all roads lead to Rome. Nowadays in Russia all roads lead to the 3rd Rome – Moscow, the mightiest political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Russia.

Recently with the initiative of Moscow’s mayor Y.M.Luzhkov there was adopted a program called “Moscow – a global intellectual capital”. The first step in its realization was a visit to Moscow of the noble prize winner, famous American physicist Murray Gell-Mann whose discovery was quarks, elementary particles and fundamental constituents of electrons and protons.

The scientist paid a visit to Moscow’s city hall, Moscow state university and visited his old acquaintances in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna.

The film “Noble prize winner” is about Murray Gell-Mann’s meetings with colleagues and students, the richest history making the powerful basis of science in Moscow and Moscow’s great scientific potential, about miraculous discoveries of scientists of Moscow and their participation in significant international projects.

No scientist can live and work without aspiration and creativity feasts. It goes without saying that Moscow with its intellectual might is exactly this very impetus for noble prize winner Murray Gell-Mann. The film “Noble prize winner” is proof of it.

·         Screenplay by Boris Pinsky

·         Directed by Alexander Zakharenkov

·         Cameramen - Dmitry Kofman, Sergey Starikov

·         Produced by Yakov Kaller


Running time - 26 min

The film was broadcast on channel “Stolitsa” June 07 2008.



Фильм показан на телеканале \"Столица\" 7 июня 2008 г.

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