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Documentary, 2010

The film is about people devoting most of their time, strength and money to solving serious and not very serious problems of other people. They are charity men, benefactors united in the organization EAJC – the Eurasian Jewish Congress.

The EAJC has set for itself serious and noble tasks – to unite and to create. To help Jews living on vast territories of European countries, members of the former socialist camp spreading up to the Pacific Ocean to revive traditions, culture and to return to the religion of their ancestors. One cannot make all mankind happy at once but if to make at least one man happy – to help him get education, free of charge medical care or to bring him matzo at holiday time, the world would become a better place.

But there can be no happiness in a Jewish home if the neighbors are unhappy – neighbors living in the same street, town and the world. The leader of the Congress Alexander Mashkevich realizes it perfectly well and helps every person in need and for him countries, nationalities, religions do not matter. For this understanding and contribution to developing global interethnic and inter-religious dialogue Patriarch awarded him the church medal of Reverend Sergey Radonezhsky.

Mashkevich builds places of worship: synagogues, mosques and Orthodox churches. “I help hospitals no matter what nationality and religion they belong to. I help children homes. Does it matter children of what nations are in this children home? For normal people it makes absolutely no difference!”

The film characters are sure that tolerance is not a utopia but reality and they prove it with real deeds.

·         Screenplay by Tatiana BASOVA

·         Directed by Elena GUDIEVA

·         Camera men Dmitry KOFMAN, Sergey STARIKOV


Running time - 26 min


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